KEES Make-up Air Units Help Meet
New ASHRAE COVID-19 Guidelines

Industry expertise, high-performing products and quality construction make KEES the right partner

May 28, 2020

Creating a safer and healthier environment for employees and customers is at the top of everyone’s mind in our current COVID-19 environment. As commercial buildings and businesses begin to reopen, ASHRAE has provided guidelines to ensure indoor air quality remains good, preventing the spread of the virus and creating a safer environment for everyone.

KEES make-up air units help to meet ASHRAE’s general recommendations for commercial buildings. Three specific areas have heightened awareness and sensitivity during this pandemic, and we offer a solution for each area.

Outdoor Air Ventilation

ASHRAE recommends increasing the amount of outdoor air for more effective dilution, according to guidelines. If your existing equipment can’t provide enough fresh air, KEES can quickly provide 100% outdoor air make-up air units to achieve this goal.

Flushing Sequence

ASHRAE recommends setting/regulating the flushing sequence as buildings reopen. This involves running ventilation systems for at least two hours before and after occupancy, in order to flush out buildings with fresh air. KEES offers a variety of programmable and BACnet compatible controls on our units to set/regulate the flushing sequence.

Building Pressurization

ASHRAE recommends maintaining building pressurization, and KEES make-up air units help to satisfy their guidelines. Our experts will work closely with your team to achieve recommended pressurization levels and supply the products needed to accomplish it. Ultimately, it’s all about using building pressurization to prevent or encourage air transfer to other areas, keeping the bad stuff just where you want it.

Read the full commercial building readiness/reopening guidelines from ASHRAE


Perforated diffuser for use in hospital isolation rooms
KEES direct-fired unit
Overhead industrial hood for sterilization areas
KEES indirect-fired unit

With our broad expertise and offering in ventilation products, top notch performance and quality construction, KEES is the right partner for your indoor air quality solutions. We’ve had thousands of satisfied customers over 40+ years in business. Here are just a few of our latest make-up air unit projects:

Supreme Cuisine LLC (Montgomery City, MO)

Located in America’s Heartland, this producer of premium braised meats and sauces came to us for our broad expertise and our ability to provide a complete ventilation solution. Throughout the process we worked closely with them to select kitchen hoods, exhaust fans and make-up air units to properly remove moisture from the large production facility and provide clean replacement air.

Estelle Prison (Huntsville, TX)

Safety and health are important factors within our correctional system, as well as durability and longevity of the products that ensure this. This maximum security prison purchased KEES make-up air units for their facility in 1995, and came back for seven replacement units 25 years later (well exceeding the average product life in this category). The sizing had to match the prior units/installation and we were able to fulfill this request in an efficient manner. We look forward to helping them again in another 25+ years.

Milwaukee Bucks Training Facility (Milwaukee, WI)

The Milwaukee Bucks basketball organization is doing everything they can to keep their athletes performing at the highest level possible as they seek an NBA championship. KEES is honored to provide a valuable piece of equipment to help in this quest. For this project, KEES provided make-up air units for the Bucks practice facility to provide clean, fresh air. We worked closely with the customer to select the appropriate units and optimize performance for their facility.

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