Overachieving never gets old

The story begins over four decades ago, inside a non-descript warehouse tucked away within the quiet, unassuming village of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin– where old-world attributes and artisanship are alive and well.

Just a couple of guys armed with grit, gumption and the gift for getting the job done right no matter the workload.

Over four decades, 100,000 square feet and millions of pounds of sheet metal later, the KEES legacy marches forward, upheld by passionate, empowered people taking pride in the pursuit of perfection.

Edward Zieve did more than just start a metal bending business. He created a culture that has reshaped the industry.

Through the time-honored spirit of customer satisfaction, KEES continues to lead the way by listening, learning and never allowing “good enough” to be good enough.

Despite the flying sparks and sounds of non-stop fabrication, we remain a somewhat silent, unsung success story.

By putting people first, surpassing expectations and maintaining a singular level of quality, KEES continues to prove that genuine, old-world craftsmanship and a good, old-fashioned work ethic never go out of style.

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