Inspiration. Perspiration. Ventilation.

In 1974, a client asked for a kitchen hood that couldn’t be found in a catalog. Our founder, Edward Zieve, not only met the challenge, but began to chart a course.

Over the years, we’ve bent our fair share of metal and broken a few rules along the way. From grilles, hoods and fans to mixers, louvers and diffusers, our proficiency spans over 16 product lines. But the beauty of KEES lies in the fact that we’ve created countless configurations of each.

The things we make reflect what we’re made of. Every day, our employees exhibit expert-level craftsmanship to create ultimate customer satisfaction.

Today, KEES effectively serves countless markets worldwide, employing a work ethic that never quits to achieve things that most never thought possible.

With a constant ear to our clients and a scrutinous eye for detail, we artfully marry form with function to raise the bar, bring the impossible to life and continue to bend the boundaries of convention.

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