New Product Announcement:
“Z” Passageway Grilles and Diffusers

August 20, 2021

KEES is excited to announce our new “Z” passageway grilles and diffusers. These products provide additional security and risk resistance for behavioral health and correctional facilities. The more complex passageways created by the “Z” shaped louvers reduce the risk of occupants looping material around or through the openings of the grille or diffuser.

The addition of these products demonstrates our continued efforts to meet the diverse needs of behavioral health and correctional facilities. Over the years, KEES has become an industry leading provider of security grilles and diffusers by recognizing that one size does not fit all. Our products can meet any security and risk resistance/anti-ligature requirement and they can be placed in any location within the facility regardless of the mounting or material requirements. As needs continue to evolve, trust KEES to provide the right product for any situation.

KEES Drop Box Diffuser 4 way blow pattern with grilles and drain pan
The “Z” passageway provides a more secure alternative for behavioral health and correctional facilities. Review the submittals

With KEES, you get the broadest selection and highest quality product on the market

  • Any size to meet diverse requirements
  • Widest selection of mounting options ensure easy installation
  • Variety of materials/gauges -- including stainless steel
  • American-made in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
  • Craftsmanship provided by AWS certified welders

More product details


  • Variety of “Z” passageway opening sizes, as small as 1/8”
  • Any core size to fit your opening


  • Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Various metal gauges depending on size and strength requirements


  • Painted -- standard and custom colors
  • Satin polish -- stainless steel and aluminum

Throw Patterns:

  • 1-Way
  • 2-Way
  • 3-Way
  • 4-Way

Mounting Options:

  • Screw holes with matching, tamper-resistant security screws
  • Machine screws with matching rear angle frame
  • Rear angle frame for field welding or bolting
  • Lay-in with suspension mounting points
  • Masonry anchors or studs (cast in place)

Additional Options:

  • Volume dampers
  • Steel bars, hardened steel bars, tool resisting steel bars
  • Square to round transitions
  • Plenums

Our team of experts is standing by to help create the safer environment you need.

Review the submittals and place your order today.