Get a fresh start in the year ahead

January 7, 2021

There’s no doubt everyone is looking forward to a fresh start in the new year. But did you know indoor air quality can be 5X dirtier than outside air? Proper ventilation is a must, especially with COVID concerns and recommendations for increasing the amount of fresh air. With turnkey ventilation solutions, KEES can help you breathe easier. Whether you need an individual component or an integrated solution, we provide ultimate flexibility and convenience to meet your unique needs.

Cleaner air starts with capture at the source of the problem.

From manufacturing facilities and hospitals to schools and offices, every ventilation system is unique. Think heat, VOCs and particulate in industrial facilities. Think super-heated air from kilns and heat and fumes from welding stations. Think steam, smoke, grease and aromas in commercial kitchens. KEES designs and configures solutions for every application matched to the specific airflow, dimensional and capture requirements. With standard and custom ventilation hoods—and virtually unlimited construction options and features—KEES is ready to meet any challenge at its source.

Pull bad air out, bring fresh air in.

To optimize indoor air quality in any facility, make-up air units, exhaust fans, and various accessories are needed for a complete ventilation solution. KEES can provide any or all of these components along with an expert team that will help guide your selections. Choose tempering options for the make-up air, roof or wall-mounted exhaust fans, and accessories including variable speed demand controls, fire suppression systems and roof curbs. Stainless steel construction is available to handle harsh operating environments.

A recipe for success.

Supreme Cuisine Food Production, in Montgomery City, Missouri, produces premium braised meats and sauces. Its production facility needed a complete ventilation solution to remove excessive humidity and bring fresh air in. Collaborating closely to understand all requirements of the installation, KEES determined proper exhaust volume, make-up air needs and the integration of all ventilation components. The solution included large kitchen hoods, make-up air units and exhaust fans to maintain optimal indoor air quality.

With more than 40 years and thousands of unique projects behind us, we know we can help you breathe easier in the new year ahead.

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