Air Handling Units, Fans & Accessories

At KEES, we’re passionate about creating comfortable work environments because we know firsthand that it makes for a happier workforce. Our supply and exhaust fans are used in commercial, industrial, kitchen and institutional applications and can be mounted almost anywhere—outdoors or indoors, vertically or horizontally, on curbs, walls or floors.

Air Handling Units, Fans & Accessories
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Ideal for make-up air and ventilation, our supply fan units are available with tempering options that include direct-fired, indirect-fired, electric, steam and hot-water heaters. Cooling options include chilled water or DX coil and evaporative cooling. Non-tempered and filtered supply boxes are also available. Keeping energy conservation top-of-mind, 100 percent thermally efficient heaters and demand controls for varying ventilation requirements are available. Agencies such as ETL, UL, AGA, CGA, ARI, IRI and FM have confirmed the safety and performance of our units.

Our exhaust fan product lines complement our other ventilation products. In kitchens, the UL 762-listed restaurant exhaust ventilators provide efficient performance, safety and durability. Combined with our kitchen hoods, tempered make-up air units, demand-control system and fire-suppression system, they create a complete kitchen ventilation system. In industrial and commercial applications, UL 705-listed power roof and wall exhaust ventilators or centrifugal blowers provide maximum performance, solid construction and flexibility. To complete the package, our industrial hoods and tempered make-up air units can be matched with these exhaust fans.

All of our supply and exhaust fans can be customized whether the application requires stainless steel construction for harsh environments or the latest electronic control technology to interface with building-control systems. A full line of complementary accessories includes roof curbs, support rails, mounting stands, pipe portals and drop boxes.