Tempered make-up air units

MUA tempered make-up air units are available in four housing sizes incorporating eight blower sizes (9" through 20" single blowers and 18" through 20" twin blower units) with a wide variety of heating and/or cooling options, air flow capacities from 600 to 30,000 CFM,  and total static pressures up to 4" w.g. 

These units are offered in a choice of four housing sizes, three discharge orientations and five curb/mounting arrangments.

Standard Construction


    • Heavy-gauge weatherproof galvanized steel housing
    • 1" thick 3# density fiberglass insulation
    • Large gasketed access panels with draw tight tooled fasteners
    • Heavy-gauge base frame with lifting lugs
    • Intake hood with bird screen
    • V-bank filter rack
    • 1" permanent filters
    • Down discharge
    • Coil section


    • Forward curved double width, double inlet blowers
    • Statically and dynamically balanced blower wheels
    • Precision machined shafts and sealed ball bearings
    • Adjustable motor mount and drives with belt selected for 165% of motor horsepower
    • NEMA frame ODP motor
    • Three phase 1 HP and above motors are EPACT high efficiency rated
    • Blower and motor mounted on vibration isolators


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    MUA Tempered Make-Up Air Unit
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    MUA with Vertical Housing
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    MUA Roof Curb Arrangements
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    KEES, Inc.
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    Other Information

    Options & Accessories


      • Flat filter section in intake hood
      • Delete intake hood
      • Foil faced insulation
      • Double wall insulation
      • Painted housing
      • Stainless steel housing
      • End discharge
      • Top discharge
      • Duct adaptor
      • Four way discharge head
      • Floor rubber in shear isolators
      • Hanger spring isolators
      • Vertical unit
      • Equipment stand for vertical unit


      • 2" permanent filters
      • 1" disposable filters
      • 2" disposable filters
      • 1" 30% filters
      • 2" 30% filters


      • TEFC
      • Two speed, two winding
      • Two speed, one winding (three phase)
      • Premium efficiency (three phase)


      • Low leakage opposed blade damper
      • Two position spring return actuator
      • Intake or discharge mounting
      • End switch
      • Return air damper with numerous actuator options


      • Fan disconnect switch (non-fusible or fusible)
      • Single point pre-wired motor control center with main fusible disconnect, starter(s) and fused transformer (located within unit or remotely)
      • Exhaust fan motor starter
      • Remote control panel
      • Remote control panel with indicator lights
      • Low temperature limit switch (freeze stat)
      • Mild weather thermostat (inlet air sensor)
      • Clogged filter switch with indicator light
      • Convenience outlet (service receptacle)
      • Time delay relay
      • Time clock (seven day)
      • Smoke detector
      • Variable air volume with frequency drive


      • Chilled water coil, ARI 400 tested, copper tubes with aluminum fins
      • DX coil, ARI 400 tested, copper tubes with aluminum fins
      • Evaporative cooling with microprocessor controls


      • Hot water coil, ARI 400 tested, copper tubes with aluminum fins
      • Steam coil, ARI 400 tested, copper tubes with aluminum fins
      • Open coil electric heaters, CSA NRTL/C Listed in compliance with CSA Std. C22.2 No. 155-M1986 UL Std. No. 1986, with various control options available

      Contact the factory for any other options or accessories not listed.