Slot diffusers & plenums

Slot Diffusers, Plenums & Frames
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Sometimes the things you notice the least can matter the most. KEES slot diffusers and plenums offer seamless, inconspicuous design, but are key to creating a comfortable environment. We offer plenum slot diffusers with adjustable or fixed blades or fire-rated adjustable blades. Our light troffer diffusers are custom made to fit light fixtures from any manufacturer, while air distribution plenums are designed to fit virtually any linear diffuser or grille. All of these diffusers and plenums are available in a wide selection of configurations and sizes with an extensive list of optional features.

  • Galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Durable paint finishes or satin polish for any application
  • Suitable for T-bar, tegular or hard ceiling applications