Air baseboards & cabinets

Air baseboards and cabinets play an important role in how good a space feels and looks. We think both are important. That’s why we combine those attributes into expertly crafted products that fit any application.

Air baseboards help distribute air over a supply duct opening or through natural convection over a radiator. They are solidly built painted steel units with perforated patterns for the air openings, have a basic set of options available and are suitable for straightforward commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

Air cabinets, the luxury brand used in commercial or high-end residential applications, offer a full range of options and are fully customizable. Instead of perforated patterns, they typically have architectural bar grilles incorporated in the air outlets to add a sophisticated design element.

  • High-quality steel, stainless steel or aluminum materials provide long-lasting durability
  • Durable paint finishes or satin polish for any application
  • The profiles of the cabinets can be customized to match any other mated components