Specialty air distribution

Specialty Air Distribution
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If you’re looking for out-of-the-ordinary, high-quality solutions that integrate seamlessly in commercial, industrial and residential applications, you’ve come to the right place. Our precision-engineered air distribution products feature clean, contemporary designs offering both outstanding performance in aesthetically pleasing profiles.

  • Round grilles with adjustable blades, fixed blades, eggcrate grids or perforations offer a contemporary style option
  • Punkah louvers are attractive spot diffusers with adjustable direction control, long throw capability and low noise levels
  • Concentric nozzle diffusers meet the demands of high air volume, long throws and adjustability
  • Mushroom ventilators effectively distribute air in theaters and auditoriums


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EP22 Engineered Polymer Diffuser
KEES, Inc.
ALEC45 Eggcrate Grille
KEES, Inc.
MV Mushroom Ventilator
KEES, Inc.
ODG Operable Door Grille
KEES, Inc.
SDG & ADG Door Grille
KEES, Inc.
CND Concentric Nozzle Diffuser
PL & PL-D Punkah Louver
AREC Round Eggcrate Grille
PRG Round Perforated Grille
ARSD Round Single Deflection Grille
ARDD & ARDD2 Round Double Deflection Grille
Round Damper