ADP plenums

KEES ADP Plenums are available to fit virtually any manufacturer's linear diffusers or grilles for ceiling or wall mounted applications – either individual or continous run units – in both straight and curved configurations.

Standard Construction

  • Widths to 15"
  • Single section lengths to 10 feet
  • Heights to 18"
  • Choice of four configurations for attaching the linear diffuser or grille


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ADP Air Distribution Plenum
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Options & Accessories

  • Internal duct liner insulation
  • Internal or external foil faced insulation
  • Elastomeric thermal insulation
  • Inlet damper with manual quadrant lock
  • Face operated dampers
  • Top inlet collar
  • Multiple collars
  • Non-standard collars
  • Non-standard unit heights
  • Oversized (custom) units
  • Curved plenums

materials and finishes

  • 24-gauge galvannealed steel plenum
  • Mill finish