Short-cycle kitchen hoods

Short-Cycle (Energy-saving) hoods introduce untempered outside air directly into the hood, reducing room air exhaust and lowering energy usage. This concept may be used when code requirements for exhaust air exceed the amount required to fully exhaust the smoke, heat and grease generated by the cooking equipment.

Standard Construction

  • 18-gauge 304 stainless steel (Std.), 430 stainless steel is available
  • Exterior seams continuously welded, liquid-tight, ground and polished
  • Patented adjustable air nozzles (U.S. Patent No. 4,117,833)
  • Insulated supply plenum
  • Double-wall end panels
  • ETL (UL 710) and NSF Listed
  • Meets NFPA 96 and National Electrical Code requirements
  • Rated for 400°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking operations
  • Incandescent light fixtures
  • Full-length pitched grease trough with removable grease cup
  • Aluminum baffle-type filters
  • Factory-installed collars
  • Supply air fire damper
  • Hanger brackets


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KS-100 Wall Hood
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KS-100-P Pitched Wall Hood
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KSI-100 Single Island Hood
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KSI-100 Double Island Hood
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Options & Accessories

  • Pitched hood (shorten the front height for low ceiling application; 16" minimum)
  • Welded hood sections for single piece length over 12' to 16' maximum
  • Supply air plenum (front or rear)
  • Exhaust air fire damper
  • Exhaust air balancing damper
  • Motorized exhaust air damper
  • Standoff spacer on back of hood (uninsulated or insulated)
  • Fluorescent or LED lights
  • Stainless steel baffle-type filters
  • Flame Gard filters
  • Sensor for automatic exhaust fan start
  • Fan and light switches (mounted on hood or loose for wall mounting) (PDF)
  • 16 or 14-gauge construction
  • End skirts (PDF)
  • Backsplash (uninsulated or insulated) (PDF)
  • Top enclosure (PDF)
  • Finished back for wall hood used in an island application
  • Painted hood exterior
  • Cabinet on end of hood to house fire suppression system components (PDF)
  • Installed fire suppression system (PDF)
  • Demand control ventilation system by KEES
  • Demand control ventilation system by Melink®

Size Availability

  • KS-100 hoods are available from 4'0" to 16'0" in length (two sections recommended for hoods over 12' in length). Longer lengths are obtained by butting multiple sections together with factory-supplied joint covers.
  • KS-100 hoods are available from 3'0" to 5'6” in width.
  • KS-100 hoods are available from 2'0" to 3'0" in height. The minimum front height for pitched hoods is 1'4” with a minimum back height of 2'0".
  • KSI-100 double island hoods are typically KS-100 hoods mounted back-to-back. Optionally, they are available as a single assembly up to 12' long by 8' wide.