Compensating kitchen hoods

Compensating (Tempered Air) hoods introduce tempered (heated and/or cooled) or untempered air into the kitchen independent of other make-up air systems. In most climates, to maintain a comfortable working temperature in the kitchen, it will be necessary to heat and/or cool outside air supplied through a tempered air hood.

Standard Construction

  • 18-gauge 304 stainless steel (Std.), 430 stainless steel is available
  • Exterior seams continuously welded, liquid-tight, ground and polished
  • ETL (UL 710) and NSF Listed
  • Meets NFPA 96 and National Electrical Code requirements
  • Rated for 400°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking operations
  • Supply air plenum on front of hood with aluminum discharge grilles
  • Supply air fire dampers if required by UL NFPA 96
  • Incandescent light fixtures
  • Full-length pitched grease trough with removable grease cup
  • Aluminum baffle-type filters
  • Factory-installed collars
  • Hanger brackets


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KS-200T Wall Hood
KSI-200T Double Island Hood
KS-300T Wall Hood
KSI-300T Double Island Hood
KS-300T-PG Perforated Face Wall Hood
KSI-300T-PG Perforated Face Double Island Hood
KS-400T Wall Hood
KSI-400T Double Island Hood

Options & Accessories

Size Availability

  • KS-200T, KS-300T and KS-400T hoods are available from 4'0" to 16'0" in length (two sections recommended for hoods over 12' in length). Longer lengths are obtained by butting multiple sections together with factory-supplied joint covers.
  • KS-200T, KS-300T and KS-400T hoods are available from 3'0" to 6'6” in width.
  • KS-200T, KS-300T and KS-400T hoods are available from 2'0" to 3'0" in height. The minimum front height for pitched hoods is 16” with a minimum back height of 24".
  • KSI-200T, KSI-300T and KSI-400T double island hoods are typically KS-200T, KS-300T and KS-400T hoods mounted back to back. Optionally, they are available as a single assembly up to 12' long by 8' wide.