Heat & moisture hoods

These hoods remove non-grease laden contaminants from the kitchen including heat from ovens and moisture from dishwashers. Moisture hoods have a drain gutter around the perimeter and are available with removable baffles. Make-up is providing external to the hood.

Standard Construction

  • 18-gauge 304 stainless steel (Std.), 430 stainless steel is available for heat only applications
  • Exterior seams continuously welded, liquid-tight, ground and polished
  • ETL (UL 710) and NSF Listed
  • Meets NFPA 96 Code requirements


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KF High-Moisture Hood
KG Moisture Hood
KG Heat-Only Hood
KH Dishwasher Hood
KEES, Inc.

Other Information

Options & Accessories

Size Availability

  • KF and KG hoods are available from 4'0" to 12'0" in length. Longer lengths are obtained by butting multiple sections together with the factory supplied joint covers.
  • KF and KG hoods are available from 2'0" to 6'0” in width.
  • KF hoods are available from 2'0" to 3'0" in height.
  • KG hoods are available from 1'6" to 3'0" in height. The minimum front height for pitched hoods is 1'0” with a minimum back height of 2'0".