Air mixers

At KEES, good simply isn’t good enough. That’s why we created our own air mixers. These patented air mixers enhance energy efficiency for air-handling units and ductwork by optimally mixing outside and return airstreams. Each application has its own specific requirements and our engineers analyze each one thoroughly to ensure the best possible air mixing solution. Our flexible design allows adjustments to match the shape and size of any air handler. Sure, standard square sizes work well at times but if an application would benefit from a rectangular shape KEES can provide that.

Air Mixers
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Our air mixers eliminate levels of temperature and velocity stratification that can cause coil freeze-ups or annoyance trips and that can reduce the performance of coils and filters. Utilizing our air mixers will put these worries to rest in a clean, simple manner. Since they are a static device there are no moving parts, which means no adjustments and no maintenance. All of this is accomplished with surprisingly low pressure drops and within a small footprint.

Plenum mixers consist of a complete plenum section with a KEES air mixer installed inside. Mixer boxes expand the design to include inlet collars and dampers for outside air and return air. They are customized to bolt directly to air handler sections or ductwork.

  • Air mixers feature a patented design (#5,364,305)
  • Accurate temperature mixing and control
  • Efficient, effective air control

Application guide

Air Mixer Application Guide (PDF)

Standard Construction

  • Air mixers consist of all-welded aluminum construction (stainless steel is available)
  • Plenum section is constructed of galvanized steel (stainless steel is available)
  • Mixer box and dampers are constructed of galvanized steel (stainless steel is available)


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MX and MXP Air Mixer
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PMPs Mixer in Plenum Section
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MB Mixer Box
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Size Availability

Air mixers are available in any square or rectangular size from 12" x 12" to 144" x 144". Multiple pieces may be mounted next to each other to fit the specific application. All air mixers, plenum mixers and mixer boxes are custom made to fit any air handler or duct.


  • Aluminum construction (Std.)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Prime coated
  • Two-part polyurethane paint
  • Other paint finishes available such as epoxy or phenolic resin


  • Duct liner insulation
  • Solid double wall construction
  • Perforated double wall construction
  • Support legs
  • Access doors
  • Interior lights
  • Painted housing
  • Stainless steel housing