Access Doors & Panels

When it comes to access doors and access panels, we focus on convenience, safety and quality. Available in a wide range of models, KEES access doors and access panels offer design flexibility in providing safe, easy access to the inside of ductwork, HVAC housings, walls, ceilings and enclosures. All products can be modified or completely custom built to meet unique access requirements.

Standard access doors have 1-inch thick insulation and are rated up to 4.5” w.g. Variations include 2-inch or 4-inch thick insulation and high or ultra-high pressure ratings up to 10” w.g. and 20” w.g. Special models include our pressure-relief access doors that prevent damage to ductwork in the event of sudden pressure changes, and our kitchen grease duct access doors which are UL rated.

Our access panels are available for special applications. Fire-rated access panels are UL and Warnock Hersey rated. Maximum-, high- and medium-security access panels provide protected access.

  • Galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Optional accessories include viewports, locks, latches, safety chains and custom finishes