MODEL KS-100 & KSI-100

Provide KEES Model KS-100 wall hung (or KSI-100 island style) energy saving hood(s) constructed of 18 gauge (or 16 gauge) type 304 (type 430) stainless steel having a #3 polish. Hood(s) shall be double wall type capable of providing untempered make-up air into the internal hood capture area through adjustable rotatable supply air nozzles. Nozzles shall be capable of being locked in position after balancing. Untempered air being introduced into the hood shall first encounter a perforated stainless plate to spread the air across the full length of the air plenum before entering the adjustable rotatable stainless outlet nozzles. The hood supply air plenum shall be completely lined with 1 inch thick 3# density U.L. listed foil faced rigid insulation having a flame spread of 25 or below with a full length perforated metal air distribution plate inside the air plenum. Joints in insulation shall be sealed with aluminum thermal tape. Bottom of the supply plenum shall be lined with galvanized steel to facilitate cleaning. End panels shall be 1 inch thick insulated double wall construction to prevent condensation on end walls. Hanger brackets shall be provided on each corner of hood and threaded to accept 1/2 inch rod. Additional hangers shall be provided on hoods over 132 inches in length. All exterior seams shall be continuously welded, liquid tight as required by U.L., and ground and polished to match the original finish of the material. Hood(s) shall be fabricated in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Bulletin No. 96, shall be National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Listed an bear the NSF seal, and shall be Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) Listed an U.L. labeled as required. U.L. Listed exhaust air fire dampers shall be provided if required by local code. Hood shall include a U.L. Listed fire damper for each supply collar. The full length filter housing with pitched grease trough shall be of 18 gauge, type 304 (type 430), #3 polish stainless steel complete with removable stainless steel grease container. Filters shall be U.L. Classified, 2" thick baffle type constructed of aluminum (or stainless steel). Lights shall be U.L. Listed incandescent vapor proof 100 watt type on approximately 3 foot centers (or U.L. Listed fluorescent fixtures) pre-wired to a junction box on top of the hood. Wiring shall conform to the National Electric Code (NEC). For more details, refer to KEES catalog KSSC.

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