Air Mixer in a Plenum Model PMP
Provide as shown KEES Air Mixer in a Plenum Model PMP, with Air Mixer of .081" aluminum construction (or paintable galvanized steel having a prime coat finish (or epoxy enamel)) of size, performance and maximum pressure drop indicated. The plenum shall be fabricated of 18 gauge galvanized steel with 1", 1-1/2# density fiberglass duct liner (or 22 gauge solid (or perforated) liner over 1", 1-1/2# density duct liner) (or 22 gauge solid (or perforated) liner over 2", 1-1/2# density duct liner) (or uninsulated). The plenum shall have Ductmate flanges (or drilled flanges) for mating to adjacent sections. The Air Mixer shall mix two or more airstreams of differing temperature to with +/- 6 degrees Fahrenheit of theoretical mixed air temperature and provide a more uniform air velocity contour entering a downstream filter of coil bank. For more details, refer to KEES catalog AM.

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